Roberson Trail

The Roberson Trail was built by volunteers from SEARK College and local citizens. While it offers only about a three-quarter mile walk it is well worth it. Several large oak trees missed by early timber harvesters still remain. These trees are of incredible proportions. One even has a cable still around it from mooring watercraft from nearly a century ago. The trail passes through brushy terrain and eventually reaches the bayou in an area where natural levees formed from flood waters centuries past. This area offers short but steep walking both up and down until the terraces are crossed. The trail is not wheel chair accessible for its entire length. After the more rugged area the trail flattens and overlooks a large bottomland hardwood wetland. This trail is notorious for siting large deer. One should watch for reptiles along the trail as numerous venomous snakes inhabit the area but should not deter the hiker if one keeps an eye on the trail. A large diversity of plant life will be encountered. Spring offers some unique views of blooming native vegetation.