Pine Bluff Water Trail

The Pine Bluff Water Trail begins at the Curtis Merrell boat ramp near Wal-Mart stores in Pine Bluff. The trail can be traversed upstream to Hazel Street. There is no developed access at Hazel Street however one could put in or take out a canoe or kayak at that point. The upstream trail is narrow but fairly deep. It passes both herbaceous swamps and riparian forests offering excellent birding. It also passes the William G. Layher hiking trail which can be accessed from the bayou if one watches carefully for viewing areas and benches along the trail on the bank.
Going downstream the Bayou makes a transition from wide to very narrow and passes through a grove of cypress. At high water, one can enter some borrow areas along I-530 that offer excellent crappy fishing. Going under the interstate bridge the bayou widens with numerous beaver lodges and woodlands on the right and open herbaceous rushes and sedges on the left. Herons and egrets often abound in this area. One must return upstream to the boat access to exit the bayou.