The Bayou Bartholomew Alliance has built three nature trails in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area.  These trails afford an opportunity to view the Bayou Bartholomew and its associated wetland habitats and bottomland hardwood forests.

The William G. Layher Nature Trail is located on Hazel Street next to I-530.  The 1.78 mile trail passes along wetland habitats and through a variety of forest types.  Often one can view beaver, deer, otter, gray fox, armadillos, raccoons and other animals along the trail.  Over 100 bird species have been recorded by local birders on the trail.

The Roberson Trail is also located on the opposite side of the Bayou on Hazel Street.  This trail is 0.68 miles long and is not wheel chair accessible.  Natural dikes occur along a portion of the Bayou in this area and present several steep inclines to traverse.  The walk is worth it though as several huge oak trees of magnificent proportions occur along the trail.

The Oakwood Natural Area is located on Oakwood Road on the north side of the Bayou.  This area offers only a primitive trail for those more hardy individuals.  The trail is not long but does cross several low areas often inundated with water after rain storms.  The area was one a gravel mine over forty years ago but has become forested through natural succession.

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