Upcoming Outdoor Business Workshop for Landowners

Earn additional income from farm or ag land, recreational property, or timber land.

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The Bayou Bartholomew Alliance has built three nature trails in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area.  These trails afford an opportunity to view the Bayou Bartholomew and its associated wetland habitats and bottomland hardwood forests. The William G. Layher Nature Trail is located on Hazel Street next to I-530.  The 1.78 mile trail passes along wetland habitats and through a variety of forest types.  Often one can view beaver, deer, otter, gray fox, armadillos, raccoons and other animals along the trail.  Over 100 bird species have been recorded by local birders on the ...

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SEARK Students on the Bayou

Students at Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK) enjoy field trips to nearby nature trails along the Bayou Bartholomew.  Students in Botany classes collect, press, and identify plants in the associated ecosystems to assist with the inventory of plant species. Students in zoology study furbearing animals such as beaver.  Some beavers are collected and used in anatomy classes for dissection.  Students are able to view a variety of animals and see them in their own habitats.  Fishes of the Bayou are studied using a variety of techniques such as electrofishing from ...

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