Bayou Bartholomew begins its journey northwest of the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and flows approximately 359 miles before crossing the Louisiana border on its way to joining the Ouachita River. It is heralded as the longest bayou in the world. Lined in portions with cypress and tupelo swamps and inhabited by alligators and large turtles, visited by wintering waterfowl, containing over one-hundred and seventeen species of fishes, this bayou is truly a wonder of nature.


  • Trash Picked Up - Over 200T
  • Trees Planted - Over 2M+
  • Log Jams Cleared - 85
  • Trails Created - 3

Longest Bayou

Being a total of 359 miles long, it has to be not only the world’s longest bayou but one of the longest free-flowing rivers left in this country. - William Layher